Realtors – It’s Time To Stand Up In The IDX / Syndication Debate

Realtors – It’s Time To Stand Up In The IDX / Syndication Debate

Realtors – it’s time to wake up and get a voice. Leaders of your MLSs are playing chicken with your livelihood and don’t understand the ramification of their actions. This week two MLSs said they would no longer allows their agents to use Diverse Solutions IDX products because they were…

Feb 7, 2012
Why SOPA Matters For Realtors

Let me start out by saying that at Tribus, we support the intellectual property and creativity of those creating copyrighted content. However, for 24 hours is participating in the anti-SOPA campaign. As you may have seen some of our text etc is blocked out to show what the web…

Jan 17, 2012
Selling Real Estate Is About Selling Data

A few years ago, selling a home was all about selling whatever the prettiest, shiniest listing that someone could afford was. It was easy, put a sign in a yard, and it would sell. Today is a different age. The downtick in the economy and market has made everyone more…

Jul 24, 2011
Realtor MidYear 2011 Board of Directors Recap

While I was at NAR Midyear Tuesday – Thursday, due some circumstances, I couldn’t be at the all important board of directors meeting where the fireworks were to take place. On the table were some really big issues franchise IDX and the all important Realtor Party Political Survival Initiative or…

May 14, 2011
What is eEdge from Keller Williams?

The past few weeks, the phones here at Tribus have been ringing off the hook.  Brokerages and agents are calling to ask what we know about the newly announced program from Keller Williams.  They are looking for a competitor for eEdge. The Background Behind eEdge According to KW, eEdge was pitched as…

Mar 9, 2011
Will It Make Me Money or Save Me Time?

It was with a lot of interest that the below blog post came on my radar screen tonight.  First of all, it’s written by a close friend, Devesh Khare at Aumnia ( a partner company that Tribus works with) and his passion for doing right by his customers pours through.…

Jan 23, 2011
Photography / Video – The key to selling real estate

Sometimes things pop in my head and make me say hmmmm about this industry.  Don’t get me wrong I love Reatlors and the real estate industry as a whole, but there are some things that just bug the heck out of me.  One of those items: real estate photography. We…

Sep 25, 2010
Remembering Your Clients

Deep, Meaningful Connections I attend a lot of conferences.  Some of them are annual conferences.  At these types of events I often see the same people year to year.  However, in between those times, I’ve had no interactions with the person whatsoever.  Therefore, I see the person, I know I…

Jul 28, 2010