2 Trending Customer Service Companies
on Jun 26, 2014
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trending customer serviceThe service industry is adapting to customers more and more every day, week, month, year. There is always something new to satisfy customers, connect with a certain demographic, bring more attention to new and old companies in positive ways and peak the interest of current and potential customers.

In 2014, you will see more companies experimenting with services provided by Conversocial and inContact, which are providing new ways to assist customers and enhance their experiences by routing inquiries to the best agents for a solution.

Conversocial, founded in 2010

Relatively new to the customer service scene, Conversocial is primed to make big strides in 2014 with a product that can move social support into your contact center. Most companies do not have a dedicated team for social media, but more companies are recognizing the need for such.

“This area has a lot of room to expand as companies mature their strategies and operations for social customer care,” says Kate Leggett, a principal analyst at Forrester Research.

Conversocial’s technology is specifically designed for customer service interactions. The service provides analysis for response times and average handle times, and it has the ability to adhere to service-level agreements also known as SLAs. 

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Conversocial shows how incoming content compares to average volume, or heightens the importance of requests made by influencers with a high number of followers. The company filters unrelated messages and identifies tweets that are likely to be CS requests. Its development team has turned its attention to threading these conversations together. Currently, the team is building a new tool, Conversations, that brings tweets or Facebook comments together to form one single case. There are also plans to build direct connections to CRM systems in order to integrate with its customers existing data ecosystems. 

“There aren’t many dedicated social customer service platforms. We’re keen to promote the space,” Conversocial CEO Joshua March says. “We think we see a clear route, a progression of social maturity, where social starts out purely in the marketing department and moves into customer service. Part of our mission is to help companies get to that stage and push the market forward.”

inContact, founded in 1997

inContact looks to help companies better their agents while also enhancing the customer experience. The company provides multi-channel communications via one universal queue, giving customers the type of support they prefer: phone, social media, chat, text or email.

The Utah-based provider of on-demand contact center software has transitioned itself from a long-distance carrier to a company focused on contact routing and agent management applications. inContact delivers multichannel communication software through innovative, low-maintenance technology, ensuring that its clients treat their customers “like stars.”

“Customers don’t care what channels you support—they only care that you are in the ones they are in. People start with inContact because they realize how important it is to provide customer support across all channels,” Ray Wang, founder and principal analyst at Constellation Research, says.

In February, the company released version 13.1 of its cloud software, with the addition of the universal queue. This feature automatically assigns tasks to agents based on their skills, availability and customer priority. The feature also determines the modes of the customers communication, such as when a phone call should take precedent over passive channels, such as email.

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