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on Aug 19, 2016
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How much do you value your time?  Is your time something you can even put a price tag on?  When you need help, how much of your time do you waste?  Would you rather spend it getting things done?  Growing your business?  Increasing your revenue?  Even spending time with family and friends?  We’ll go ahead and answer that for you, because the adage is true: time is money.  And we’ll even take it a step further:  spend it wisely.

Client Care – You never realize how much you need it – until you need it

Help Desk.  Customer Support.  Client Care.  Call it whatever you want; it’s important.  You may not realize it when you’re purchasing a product or service, but ask yourself or your salesperson: “What if I need help with something after I sign up?”  “What if I can’t figure something out?”  “What if something goes wrong?”  Whether we want to admit it or not…something usually goes wrong.  (More often than not, it’s user error. [little Help Desk inside joke, there!])  Occasionally, we may need help with a new feature, or we didn’t quite pay attention when we were listening to all the awesome benefits of the product.  Then, the moment is upon us…who can help me get out of this bind?

Please reply…please reply

Most, not all, but most tech companies have a help desk.  Some, not nearly enough, tech companies have a responsive help desk.  When you type your question into the chat box, or send that email of desperation, you want (or rather need) a response quickly.  Do you get it?  Does a knowledgeable technician reach back out to you promptly to ease your concerns?  One of the most frustrating things is remembering, while you’re on hold, or waiting for that reply, that you paid your hard-earned money for this product, you want some help with it, and you’re not getting it in a timely manner.  Let’s face it…a “timely manner” is usually now.

Help has arrived!

So, you’ve waited a reasonable amount of time for help.  You hear your email chime.  Your help has arrived!  It’s actually sooner than you thought, too.  Often, just getting that reply is enough to calm you down, and you haven’t even read it yet!  We’ll give our scenario a happy ending and assume that the response was exactly what you needed.  It was an easy fix.  The technician showed you the error of your ways, and you can actually solve the issue yourself if it arises again in the future.

The point of this post is to stress the importance of having someone there on the other end to answer your questions.  That person was there, they responded when you were stressed, they solved your mystery, and they provided instructions for you, should you need them, in the future.

The bigger picture – Time is Money

Not only did the help desk technician answer your questions, they saved you precious time.  They saved you money.  (They probably saved you a little sanity, too!)  In the end, that’s what it’s all about. We understand how much you value your time.  Having that extra support when you need it the most is something you just can’t put a price tag on.

Launch Coordinator & Director of Client Care

Casey gained his first experience in residential real estate on the financing side of things. He was a top-producing nationwide mortgage consultant for five years, before being promoted into sales and operations management. Later, a new opportunity in Washington, DC took him in a slightly different direction, toward commercial real estate and property research. Casey particularly enjoyed the marketing and support aspects of his role in DC, which eventually led him to TRIBUS, where he and his team are responsible for new client launches and making sure existing clients continue to be our biggest fans.
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