I’ve Got a Website, Now What?!
on Oct 4, 2016
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Your website is up and running, you’re displaying properties, now what?!

Write something! Quick and easy self-publication is one of the chief benefits of WordPress, and a steady stream of unique content is a valuable asset on your journey to top search engine placement. The websites with the best rankings feature unique, relevant, content-rich articles that keep visitors enthralled.

There are two primary ways to publish your unique content – Pages and Posts.

Pages are static. You can create a page and link to it in your menu, and that page will always be the same (unless you change it, of course!). You might create an “About Me” page, or a “Seller’s Checklist” page.

Posts are your news or blog articles. You can create a menu link to your blog, and visitors will always see your newest posts when they visit that link. You might use posts to publish market news or community events. TRIBUS websites also feature a front page widget to highlight your latest posts!

What kind of content should I add? This is a common question!

We see a lot of great content ideas out there, and the best advice I can offer is to write what you know!

Are you familiar with all the latest happenings in a neighborhood you serve? Do you know all the best places to eat, or the best areas to shop, or is there one little district with its own charming street fests and annual traditions? Write a community blog! Tell your potential clients all the great reasons they’re going to love their new home’s location.

Is there a particular piece of advice you like to give all your clients to help them succeed? Write a buyer’s or seller’s advice page! Most folks will only go through a few real estate transactions in their life, but you do it for a living. Share your experiences and expertise in your own words, and you will establish yourself and your website as an authority in the market.

The Client Care team at TRIBUS can help you learn all the ins and outs of your website’s capabilities. We’re here to answer questions, provide education, troubleshoot problems, and empower you to publish great content through your site.

Most importantly, we’re here for you!

Support Specialist

Randy is a technical support aficionado with a client-first mentality. He's an expert at getting to yes. He is an innovator in designing value-add services to develop lifelong client relationships, and now educates and empowers our clients to utilize the advantages of TRIBUS products.
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