How to Make Teamwork a Main Ingredient
on May 20, 2014
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teamwork breeds successHow does a cruise ship with hundreds of people aboard, all with different motives, intentions and priorities successfully get where its going? They all know and agreed to the end goal. They have travel mapped out, stops planned, time spent on each part of the trip, and the employees responsibilities clearly laid out for everyone. Teamwork: an overused term for ‘play nicely with others,’ but secretly it’s an integral part of success.

If you have a goal for your business you need to make sure everyone fully understands, is excited about and agrees to their role in obtaining that goal. Everyone needs to feel that they are indeed an important part and that it’s about the entire team reaching that goal together not just dollar signs coming in (that will be a natural side effect of a cohesive team).

With TRIBUS growing and expanding we wanted to ensure this for ourselves, so I hosted a “Where are we going?” workshop. Not because we don’t have a solid business plan but so we too can promote unified teamwork.

I had everyone in the company write down one personal goal they have for themselves that they’d like to achieve within the next year and one goal they have for the company as a whole.

Ultimately it’s an environment for an open, bonding discussion. When you create this kind of environment, you are making all of your team members feel they are significant, that their goals matter too. This also realigns you as a great leader by being more connected to your team.

Helpful Tips for a Successful Teamwork Workshop

  • When someone has the floor, let them have the floor. Don’t stop them mid sentence, respond negatively with body language or immediately disregard their idea as invalid.  This may be their first time really opening up to everyone, and the whole idea of this workshop is to make each team member feel important. Obviously after they are done sharing, asking follow-up questions to get clarification or start an open discussion about how the idea could inspire more ideas is totally fine!
  • Block out a large amount of time for this. When constricted with time limits, it unknowingly limits creativity.
  • Have fun! Loosen up your tie. Smile. It should be exciting and thrilling to be working at and achieving something that you love doing! And knowing that your team members are just as excited as you are is a great feeling.

In the words of Tony Robbins: “Effective leaders have the ability to consistently move themselves and others to action because they understand the ‘invisible forces’ that shape us.”

Launch Coordinator & Director of Client Care

Casey gained his first experience in residential real estate on the financing side of things. He was a top-producing nationwide mortgage consultant for five years, before being promoted into sales and operations management. Later, a new opportunity in Washington, DC took him in a slightly different direction, toward commercial real estate and property research. Casey particularly enjoyed the marketing and support aspects of his role in DC, which eventually led him to TRIBUS, where he and his team are responsible for new client launches and making sure existing clients continue to be our biggest fans.
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