Less is More: Simplifying Your Life In and Out of Work
on Jul 8, 2014
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less stressStress and the work place, here we go again. Why talk about it again? It’s important! This time around lets look at excluding things in your life to eliminate stress. The idea here is less is more.

Simplifying your spending habits is a great place start. By spending less money, it’s obvious that stress could be reduced. Something to keep in mind here is less is more. Think about what is being eliminated. Spending less money means less time in stores, less time traveling to and from these stores, less time online shopping for things that may be unneeded. This begins to become a minimalist lifestyle but, think of all the mental clutter that weighs us down day-to-day.

Simplify your work life, or better, work less. In Europe, the mandatory vacation and public holidays total between 29 and 34 days. Well, thats Europe, right? Well lets talk about a company here in the U.S. that has a different idea about the number of days an employee should have off. Its stand? Three days, every week.

Shifting the Focus to Work Hard, Rest Well

Rethinking the 8 to 5 grind, Treehouse, an online technology education platform, thrives on a four-day work week. Ryan Carson, the company’s co-founder and CEO, believes the goal should be to fit work into life, not the other way around. In Carson’s early years as a software developer, he recalls having to stay overnight and put in a total of 48 hours of work.

A healthy work-life balance is critical in any company, especially a start up. So before the launch in November 2011, Carson decided on a four-day work week. It wasn’t going to be four, ten-hour days either. Carson says they maintain normal schedule. So are there draw backs to the short schedule, of course.

“The biggest one is that it’s pretty hectic,” he told CNN Money Magazine. “There’s no downtime. With a four-day week, every hour counts. It can be stressful.”

On the upside, Treehouse has some of best and brightest working for them.

“At first, we didn’t tell candidates about the four-day week [right away] because we really wanted people who were passionate about our mission of low-cost online education,” Carson said. “But we started mentioning the short week up front when we realized what an advantage it is in attracting top talent.”

Some of their staff has been offered jobs by big names like Facebook and Google only to be turned down with a response of, “Do you guys have a four day work week yet?” The company is also doing well financially. In the last three years, the company’s revenue has tripled to around $10 million dollars.

What does your company do to increase its work-life balance? Share below!

With more than 17 years experience in the real estate industry, including being a Realtor and Broker / Owner, Stegemann brings a wealth of knowledge to this job as CEO of TRIBUS. He focuses his time on helping brokers enhance and expand their business and working with the TRIBUS labs team to consider what's next in real estate.
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