Make Your Business Bloom This Summer
on Jun 3, 2014
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summer business tipsSummer is finally here! If you’re like us in Chicago we’ve been planning what we’re going to do all winter just to get through it. This hot season is not only great for vacations, relaxing and patio drinking, but it can really kick your business into high gear!

I have a little secret… I know how you can have fun this summer while acquiring real leads at the same time! Are you ready? Do some research. No, you’re not writing a bibliography for english class. Research all of the local events, festivals, grand openings and outdoor activities going on this summer. Got your list? Good, now go through that list and highlight all the ones that you think your target market will be attending.

Now setup a calendar for these so you can see when they are and at what times. Are some of them overlapping or you just won’t be able to make a couple? I have a plan for those too.

Mingling at Local Events

Attend the events! Show up, meet people, make connections, have a great time and hand out your business card. The best way to do this without seeming overbearing is to go in with the idea, ‘I’m here to make new friends.‘ This will make you approachable and more easily recognizable as someone who is a well-known friendly neighbor who’s also a stellar real estate agent, instead of ‘that real estate agent who gave me six cards when he was drunk at that festival.’

Most of the people you encounter may not be in the place to buy, but I bet they know someone who is! Creating that relationship will make it so easy for them to refer you to that friend, mother, co-worker, that’s moving into town.

Making a Presence at an Event


Now, if you can’t attend the event, contact the person running it. Tell them you are covering local and neighborhood events on your real estate website blog (you should have one of these, contact us if you don’t) and build that connection. Once they realize they’re getting free advertising from you, they’ll be more willing to let you leave your business card or whatever other marketing tools you have available. This ensures you have a presence even if you’re not there.

Maintaing a presence in your community is key in the success of your business, but maintaing a presence online is just as important. TRIBUS’ marketing products, website and CRM will help your business running smooth and efficient so you only have to worry about bringing in new leads.

With a broad set of experience, the TRIBUS marketing team not only ensures that our brand promise is carried through everything we do, but they also assist our clients in their marketing efforts.
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