My Online Marketing Focus After 5 Years
on Aug 6, 2012
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Tribus Support CommunityTechnology vendors love to use works like “simple”, “easy” or “turn key” to describe your effortless assimilation of their latest shiny object into your marketing arsenal.

My experience has been that there’s nothing easy or simple about learning about a new technology.  While it doesn’t necessarily require an advanced degree to figure it out, it does take a lot of time and practice.

How many times have you invested in a marketing system or new technology that is supposed to launch your business to the next level, only to have that system, item or thing sit on a shelf and collect dust.  I have shelves of good intentions collecting dust at my office and my home.

We can’t help it, right?  I mean, it made so much sense when it was explained to me….this might be the thing that finally helps me to…….

Ok, here’s where I’ve gotten better at making decisions about where I invest my time and energy.

I was an early adopter for many new tools and technologies when I got started in marketing my mortgage business online in 2007.  I’m never the first on the block to dig into a new technology or tool, but I pay pretty close attention to people that are, and sometimes I get sucked in.

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I would have to say that it’s been a little over 2 years now that I’ve really stepped back and focused on only a handful of tools and technologies that have produced great results for me.  I’ve committed to fine tuning and optimizing these tools, technologies and systems in order to produce measurable results for my business.

Here is the short list of where I have focused all of my attention and energy

  • Improving user experience on my WordPress website – creating greater value to visitors to my site
  • Content Marketing – The art of attracting more targeted organic (search engine) traffic to my website
  • Lead conversion – turning traffic into real estate leads and leads into commissions

It’s taken 5 years for me to finally have a good grasp of what works for my business and what is a waste of my time and energy.  It seems like every day I learn from trial and error how to be more efficient and more effective in my online marketing efforts.

The conclusion I’ve come to is that it doesn’t really matter what you finally settle on as your preferred tools, technologies or sales strategies – it’s that you settle on something and stick to it, that makes the difference between productivity and running in circles.

Finally, don’t do it alone.  If you can’t build an accountability team, either internally at your office or externally like the SMMOC Real Estate group, your chances of success decrease exponentially with every self doubt or mismanaged expectation that creeps into your path.

If you’re a Tribus customer, I’m on your team, I am your support system, I am your accountability partner – and I’m not the only one.  The community and coaching staff in this community has been in the trenches applying these tools, technologies and strategies to our businesses to produce real results.

My focus now is to share what I’ve learned over the past 5 years with others in the industry that have more questions than answers about growing their real estate business online.

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