Retsly Hackathon at NAR San Francisco 2013
on Nov 7, 2013
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Realogy Innovation Summit at NAR

LIVE BLOG Of Each Team Is Below

The Retsly Hackathon sponsored by Realogy is getting ready to start. (TRIBUS is an investor in Retsly and we’re really excited to see what all the teams have made).

There were 87 developers that attended the event that broke down into about 25 teams.  The top three winners will receive free server time from IBM and Rackspace, free software from Microsoft BizSpark, and cash from Retsly.  There are teams from Evernote, Google, BombBomb, and other big companies competing. I’ll be covering each team’s creation below.

Alex Perriello, CEO of Realogy, kicking things off at the demos.  There are about 300 people in attendance.



Team BombBomb


Team BombBomb is the first to present.  They have brought in listings inside of the email marketing platform.

It looks like it’s a video tour of the property and it’s playing right in the email if you’re email viewer is HTML 5 compatible. This should be a great way for people to send property flyer emails in the future.

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Team MLSListings

MLS Listings Pinterest SearchMark Flavin from an MLS says that listing search is broke.  It needs to be more photo oriented.  It’s essentially Pinterest for real estate.  It’s amazing this was made in 24 hours (but I’m witness that he really did start this yesterday).  It allows you to put listings into collections, flip over the photo for more details, and more.  It’s responsive.  They are going to roll this out using Retsly to all of their members next week.  This is legit!





Team MicroApp

The app is a essentially a simplified IDX search based around the area they are looking for, the app would be sent from the agent to the client focused on what they are most interested in…


Team EverDwell 

EverDwellA single property website builder.  They say that photos are forgotten.  Small photos even on Zillow.  It allows you to build a single property website in moments that look great.

They have examples at

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Team HandsOff High Touch

Hands Off High

The system reviews prospects and past clients social sites to see when people have big life changes.  When someone has a baby, changes jobs, etc.  It connects into Range ‘s order fulfillment system to send out various gifts like diapers for when someone has a baby.





Team Schools

SchoolScore“Helping buyers find homes in good school districts”

This app is something like a WalkScore for schools.  It knows the school rankings, the school boundaries, etc.  They’ve mashed home search with school boundary and school quality data.  The buyer can select their minimum allowable school ranking.  It then shows all of the homes that match all of their other criteria.





Team Abode

MyAbodeThey wanted to make an app that shrunk the amount of time spent on listing a home.   It auto collects all of the information about the listing from where you are standing, the beds, baths, info, etc helps collect the photos of the listing (although they of course recommend using a professional photographer – so they can get it right dropbox or other online locations).

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The system will then automatically make a single property website.  This really does seem to make the steps of taking a listing a lot easier.  They’ve set up a page at




Team RealKick

RealKick for Realtors


A mobile IDX listing push to your clients.  It allows two way communication between the agent and the client.  They can via the app talk back and forth and identify what works and what doesn’t.  It does push notifications when new homes meet their criteria.  Not just an email that ends up in the spam folder.





Team HomeApp

HomeAppA mobile IDX that incorporates a way to make an offer on a house right from the app.








Team Curb Call

This is a great idea that I expect will be a product soon.  It’s Uber for Real Estate.  Essentially agents log into an app.  When a potential buyer says they are ready to see a listing, it sends a notification to all the agents in the area that are logged in and ready to show that moment.  The first person to accept gets the lead.

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Team Mail Recipe

“Siri on Email”  it can automatically recommend properties based upon a custom inquiry.

Team Bid It

A way for potential buyers to submit interest in buying both on and off market homes.  The Realtor can see the homes with the most interest and go to the owner and let them know their is interest in buying their house.

Team Home or Not

A “Hot or Not” for real estate (they also described this as Tinder for Real Estate).  Most homes are bought with a significant other or at least getting advice from a family member.  Each party gets a copy of the app, they can like or dislike properties.  The app then intermingles new listings with listings their partner was interested in and looks for cross over when both parties like the home.


Team Rent or Buy

Rent or BuyAn app based upon your location that tells you based upon average rent and sales prices whether it’s better to rent or buy.  As an example in the financial district in San Francisco it was about $3000 a month cheaper to buy then to rent!  Very simple but answers consumers questions and tells them if they really are throwing money away.  They put some really interest algorithms into this outside of the most simple rent vs buy calculator, things like interest rates, appreciation and more.





Team Listing Brochure

A very fast way to create a brochure of a listing by just typing the address using a natural language processing system they call CLAIRE.


Congratulations to Team RealKick for winning the Retsly Hackathon by NAR!

With more than 17 years experience in the real estate industry, including being a Realtor and Broker / Owner, Stegemann brings a wealth of knowledge to this job as CEO of TRIBUS. He focuses his time on helping brokers enhance and expand their business and working with the TRIBUS labs team to consider what's next in real estate.
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