Google Calendar

The TRIBUS CRM can send showing requests to Google Calendar. Calendar is the G Suite tool that allows you to create and update events, organize and manage your schedule individually or collaboratively, share calendar events with your team and friends, organize events using separate calendars (perfect for keeping professional and personal event scheduling separate) as well as send event requests. 

Through Zapier, the following triggers can be set:

  • When a buyer completes a showing request in TRIBUS, it can be sent to Calendar.
  • When an event is updated in TRIBUS, it can be triggered to update in Calendar.

Zapier makes it easy and safe for your calendar to be updated with certain TRIBUS CRM events, such as showing requests, so that you don’t have to re-enter them in your Google Calendar.


In addition to agents being able to sync their Google Calendar with their CRM accounts, your brokerage company can also use a company and office calendars that can be displayed inside of the TRIBUS Intranet system.

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