Google Sheets

Google Sheets is the G Suite spreadsheet software that works similarly to Microsoft Office’s Excel. It allows you to share documents and collaborate with others in real time. TRIBUS can integrate with Google Sheets to collect key details and information that you would prefer to log in spreadsheet form. Google Sheets alone can create and edit spreadsheets online, create visual data using graphs and charts, record and manipulate data using formulas, collaborate on editing with others in real time, as well as import and export spreadsheets in Microsoft Office format.       

Zapier allows TRIBUS to integrate with Google Sheets to:

  • Create/update a spreadsheet with lead information from TRIBUS CRM, including name, address, and contact information.
  • Create/update new leads on a Google Sheet, and have that information update leads in TRIBUS CRM.
  • Create/update a spreadsheet of showing request dates and times requested from TRIBUS CRM.
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