Zapier Integration Highlights

  • Easily connect TRIBUS to countless other Web apps, from Google Suite to MailChimp
  • Set up a series of triggers and actions to automatically push information to TRIBUS’ CRM

Zapier is a revolutionary product that allows over 150 different Web applications to speak together — without learning to code or needing to know what an API is. Creating the connections is as easy as defining what data you have and where you want it to go – in real time.

So if you or your agents want to use another Zapier-connected application, you just enter what you want your trigger to be, like a new lead registering on your website. After that, you enter what you want to do next – for example, sending the data to a Google Spreadsheet, MailChimp, or syncing the system with Google Apps / G Suite or Microsoft Exchange.

TRIBUS is the only real estate brokerage software platform connected to this product.

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