Zillow Integration Highlights

  • Generates leads that are funneled into your TRIBUS CRM
  • These leads are specially demarcated using our property inquiry feature
  • Testimonials left on your Zillow page can be automatically pushed to your TRIBUS site

If your company doesn’t have an advertising arrangement with Zillow, chances are that some of your agents do. Its database is gigantic, its users are numerous and, of course, its leads could be invaluable to your business. That’s where TRIBUS steps in.

Zillow TRIBUS integration

At TRIBUS, we work with all partners to make using our products and services a no-brainer for your agents. We have a direct API level connection with Zillow through our Tech Connect partnership. This means that your company or agents can enter their TRIBUS credentials into Zillow and their leads will not only flow right into their TRIBUS CRM, but it can also immediately set the lead up with a saved search. Using our property inquiry feature, the leads you receive through here are marked as such (see above), so that you know exactly how they came to you in the first place.

Zillow Integrates TRIBUS Testimonials

Another added benefit: displaying testimonials on your site is automated. If a happy client leaves a review on your Zillow page, that testimonial is automatically pulled and placed on your TRIBUS website as well. This way, your site is stocked with testimonials to establish credit, without having to enter the same information in multiple places — or, worse, having to ask your clients to.  Learn more about their Premier Agent program.

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