zipForm Plus

zipForm Plus Integration Highlights

  • Every new lead created in TRIBUS’ CRM creates a new zipForm Plus contact
    • If that lead becomes a transaction, their information is available in zipForm Plus and does not need to be re-entered.
  • When a new lead is assigned to an agent in TRIBUS’ CRM, it can create a new zipForm Plus contact.
  • When a new contact is created in zipForm Plus, a new lead will be created in TRIBUS’ CRM. 

Did you know that TRIBUS can integrate with zipForm Plus to automate all of your leads, contacts and listing information?

About zipForm Plus  zipForm Plus

Agents have found a way to prosper in today’s ever-changing real estate market by keeping the zipForm Plus software at their fingertips and relying on it to handle all buyer and seller transactions from beginning to end.

zipForm Plus helps agents automate their work resourcefully by conveniently keeping track of all real estate forms and contracts. The zipForm Plus software integrates with Zapier to allow agents to securely access all client information and other key details pertaining to their most recent transactions. Highly regarded as the official forms software for the National Association of REALTORS, agents enjoy using this comprehensive transaction platform because it allows them to take advantage of using up-to-date software all while saving time and staying organized.

zipForm Plus allows agents to:

  • Create client and listing property profiles.
  • Securely keep all client forms, contacts and confidential information in one paperless folder.
  • Download any files stored on zipForm Plus to a computer.
  • Access all contracts and other forms that are created by your brokerage.
  • Email or fax forms to clients with the convenience of a built-in address book, without having to access email inbox.
  • Request e-signatures via Docusign directly from zipForm Plus.

Agents also love that their system will automatically update information such as the client’s name, address, etc. for other forms within the same customer file, saving both the agent and the client’s time.

Agents aren’t forced to carry around forms and contracts to client meetings with the accessibility of the mobile web software. These documents are easily accessible via smartphone or tablet whenever you need contracts signed in person and can be easily filed in the customer’s account for the convenience of keeping everything organized in one place.

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