Communicating With Your Readers via Social Media
on Sep 25, 2013
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As the saying goes: “Content is king.” Great content goes a long way toward attracting new eyes to your blog and keeping them interested and coming back over the long haul. However, creating and exposing the masses to quality content isn’t all you can do to further expand your brand and reach a larger demographic. Here are some additional tips to conquering social media and bring new and interested visitors to your blog.

Post, tweet and repeat

Although integrating relevant keywords into your quality, original content will likely lead to an increase in traffic to your blog over time, you can supplement this process by spreading the word about your blog and its most recent post via social media. Take to Twitter to tweet, Facebook to post and “like” and LinkedIn to advertise to all your followers and online friends about what you’re writing. Everyone knows that word-of-mouth is one of the most effective advertising methods and that strategy has not been lost in the digital age.

This strategy is exactly how things go viral online. One person tweets about your post because they loved it and then their followers are reading it and tweeting it to their followers, and so on. This is why it is so crucial to update your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with the link to your new post and maybe a line or two summarizing what it is about. It will only take a minute and the returns could be invaluable.

Opening a dialogue with your readers

Attracting all these new readers to your blog via social media is just the beginning. Great content spurs great debate, so prepare to have your comments section come to life with questions, comments and maybe even a grammar stickler or two calling you out over a comma splice. Each comment is a different situation, but by and large it’s encouraged that you proactively respond to whoever takes the time to read and respond to your post.

Obviously, if it looks like a spam comment then there’s no need to reply, but creating and encouraging an ongoing dialogue with your readers is essential to keep them coming back. And if the comments section is a little slow, maybe you can start the dialogue by creating a talking point in the comments and then sitting back and waiting for a reader or two to bite.

If you follow these tips, and continue to consistently churn out quality content, you’ll find your readership grow by leaps and bounds before long.

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