How to Kill it with Content Marketing
on Jul 3, 2014
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awesome content marketingYou may hear a lot about content marketing and the benefits it poses to a business, but how much do you really know about it? Content marketing is a blend of traditional marketing and some form of multimedia or writing. It comes off more natural than some other traditional forms of marketing and it can be incredibly powerful when used correctly. The good thing about content marketing is that it c0mes in all sizes, shapes and forms, different packages and is geared toward different audiences.

Here at TRIBUS, we primarily focus on the writing piece of content marketing through blog posts, email marketing campaigns and press releases. In effort to continually build our brand and help you develop yours, we’re always staying on the heels of new trends and paying attention to who is doing it best! Here is a list of a couple┬ácompanies who are pushing the limits of content marketing, and doing it with such style and grace that you don’t even realize it’s happening.

Red Bull

Remember those goofy little cartoon commercials when Red Bull first came out? The tag line “Red Bull gives you wings!” has followed the brand since the start, but their marketing strategy has shifted dramatically. Commercials tug at the heartstrings, make you hold your breath and are so incredibly powerful you’d think they were meant to be inspiring, not sell a product.

One of the best examples of this is the commercial that features Felix Baumgartner’s incredible world-record free fall from space, which shows that anyone can do near anything if they put their mind to it. And maybe drink some Red Bull.

The company’s website is more of an advertisement for extreme sports than it is the energy drink itself, but the brand has been able to built a community of supporters so large that they have no need to market in the traditional sense.


Who doesn’t love cute animals? With websites like Buzzfeed sharing content like rapid-fire just because of a cute puppy’s face, it’s no wonder companies are opting to cast four-legged actors. Yammer is a work-based internal social network that allows employees to converse with one another seamlessly. It is aimed to increase productivity and fluid communication, but above all else it encourages people to love what they do!

In a goofy, dog-filled ad, Yammer so effortlessly draws in potential customers by dressing up animals in costumes and giving them silly voices in a playful “Internet dating” commercial, which ends when the lead pup chooses the most social and well-connected pup.

The company’s website and blog are other great examples of content marketing, with tips and guides, customer stories, product updates and the social workplace. As a company that strives to bridge the communication gap seen in so many companies today, it has an incredible website with loads of information.

Content marketing can come in any different package, but what do you find the most effective from a consumer standpoint? How about from a business standpoint? Share your thoughts and ideas below!

With a broad set of experience, the TRIBUS marketing team not only ensures that our brand promise is carried through everything we do, but they also assist our clients in their marketing efforts.
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