Want to do Video blogging, but don’t want to be in front of a video camera?
on Sep 26, 2012
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Ah yes, I resemble that remark. I really wanted to add the video component to my blog. A picture is worth a thousand words, so then a video must be worth more, right? Well I found a solution! Any of you that know me, know that I am a data geek and I wanted to be able to share the trends of my market with my prospects and clients, without overwhelming them. I also felt that my interpretation of the market was very valuable, but I did not want to shoot a video. Doing my hair & make up for a 30 second clip didn’t sound like my favorite idea. So I moved to Screencasting. Take a look at my Market Minute for Beverly Hills, 90210
It’s Marketing people
Now this idea should send your mind reeling with possibilities. I will get into the technical aspects in a moment. Here are a couple of other ideas: After meeting with a client for the first time I will go out and search something they might have mentioned in passing like that they love Audi cars. Since the internet is rich with all kinds of info and sites. I will take a short (no longer than 2 minutes) screencast of a site with the car and say how nice it was to meet them and I look forwarding to being their local expert. OR how about that out of town buyer. You can pull up your MLS sheet and do a screencast of a house that they may want to add to their “go and see” list. It also allows you to show your important notes that may not be found of the MLS sheet, like “Wonderful location, but backs up to the train”. Now that saves you time for showing that house and your clients will love you for that too.

Now I am completely biased that the Market Minute is the way to go for the wide audience you are trying to reach on a blog. You get to talk as the expert about the market, showing your personality, keeping it short and transparent all while only costing you maybe 3 minutes of your time. Win-Win! 

Technical Talk:
I personally use the free version of Jing (TechSmith product CLICK HERE) and a good headset. It is a free service for screencasts under 5 minutes and does have the jing wrap, but I don’t mind that. If you want the bigger guns Camtasia CLICK HERE is the way to go. You can edit and do layovers, but I am not that needful. The other big bonus to both of these is that they do the heavy lifting in terms of converting your files. You can upload to your own free account and they will save the file. They give it to you in a URL, or HTML embed code.
Ok, so now I am off to do a screencast about meeting you here on this blog, I kid. But I would love to hear how you think you could use this trick! Share with me:)


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