Guest Blogs and Other Content Strategies to Enhance Your Web Presence
on Aug 20, 2013
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Blogging Best Practices

Over the past several years, the number of bloggers populating the web has grown drastically. With so many individual voices vying for readers’ attention, it’s crucial that you know the right steps to take to make yours stick out and get the page views necessary to further enhance your business.

Of the emerging industry blogs sprouting up across the internet, the housing, mortgage and real estate sectors are seeing noticeable growth. With the housing market on an upward trajectory over the past year or so, and sales and prices rising as inventory declines and attractive mortgage rates increasing affordability conditions, more prospective home buyers are coming off the fence and looking to make a home purchase. This has led to a renewed demand for real estate agents, as well.

So how do you attract clients while adding insightful and original content to the blogosphere? Guest blogs are a good start.

Real estate guest blogs

Authority is key in any industry, so you will want to work to get your content published on industry-leading blogs like Zillow. Where your content is posted is crucial to where it ends up. If you write an engaging, relevant and original piece about the housing market and it gets picked up by an established blog like Zillow, you will likely see it shared across the social media spectrum.

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For example, say you are tired about all the content you’re seeing that’s geared toward first-time home buyers focus on recent college graduates. You might decide to take a fresh approach and speak to older generations, like Baby Boomers, about being first-time home buyers. This demographic is often overlooked as first-time home buyers as it is mostly assumed they’ve already been around the block when it comes to a home purchase, but that is not always the case

Your fresh take on a well-covered subject could draw the attention of Zillow and lead to a spot on their blog. This will lead to an insurmountable number of eyes, both from industry experts and prospective home buyers, who could in turn Tweet or post your article to Facebook or LinkedIn and draw massive traffic back to your site.

Additional content ideas

Guest blogging should only be one aspect of your content strategy as a real estate blogger. Your site, although it might not have the name recognition or authority of Zillow, can cultivate one if you fill it with relevant, buzzworthy industry-specific articles.

Some examples, include:

– Evergreen content. This is loose, informative and informal writing geared toward prospective home buyers and written in a friendly, helpful tone. These articles can include everything from tips to improving your credit score to a breakdown of various mortgage options. These articles will help you create a trusting relationship with your readers.

– Relevant industry news. As a real estate professional and industry expert, you know just how dynamic the housing market is. It’s a massive assortment of moving parts, and in that assortment there is bound to be some positive takeaways. Reporting on the most recent housing data from institutions like Freddie Mac and the U.S. Census Bureau will lend credibility to your blog while also encouraging prospective home buyers to take advantage of current market trends. The Mortgage Bankers Association is reporting a decline in mortgage applications this week? Well, Freddie Mac is reporting a drop in mortgage rate averages so your readers should take advantage of the fall off in competition and secure a low-rate mortgage while they’re trending that way!

With more than 17 years experience in the real estate industry, including being a Realtor and Broker / Owner, Stegemann brings a wealth of knowledge to this job as CEO of TRIBUS. He focuses his time on helping brokers enhance and expand their business and working with the TRIBUS labs team to consider what's next in real estate.
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