The Importance of Profile Maintenance
on Aug 4, 2012
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Profile Maintenance

I recently did a major overhaul on my website which is the central conversion point for all of our online marketing efforts.

Part of that overhaul was a URL change, the name of our website is now different.

While juggling all of details around the launch of the new site I was slow to remember the single most important, my social profiles.

We usually set up our social profiles when we join the network. ┬áCome on, I know I’m not the only one that set up their bio when they joined Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and then didn’t update it when something changes?

When going back to each social profile and bio to change my website link, I also quickly realized that how I represent myself online was not consistent.

I like to think that I’m pretty savvy with my online marketing presence but I was wrong! ┬áMy online profiles were outdated, inaccurate, incomplete.

So here it is, I hope you can learn from my own personal experience.

Take an hour and check all of your social profiles and bios:

  • Facebook Profile
  • Twitter Profile
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Google Profile
  • Pinterest Profile
  • Guest Blogging Profiles

Keep in mind that some of these social networks allow you to include your URL in your personal bio as well as allow you to list your blog or website within your account profile.

Once you’re done updating all of your online profiles, create a reminder in your calendar of choice to update your profiles again next year on the same day.

Social profiles rank high in Google searches and you will be judged by how you present yourself on these networks.

Profile maintenance is reputation management, make it count!

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