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on Jun 17, 2014
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helpful pr tipsLast week the marketing team at TRIBUS sat in on a webinar led by PR queen Sarah Evans, @PRSarahEvans on Twitter, where she gave some awesome advice. By the end of the webinar I wondered to myself, how does she do it all!? She works with big companies but plenty of the information is applicable to the real estate industry.

Personalized, Portable, Participatory

These are the three Ps to keep in mind when creating content. Don’t be generic, share whats going on with YOU. In order to get the actions you want, you need to reach your audience no matter where they are. Get your target audience involved, make them feel compelled to respond to you. Get the conversation started! Make emotional connections with your readers and create relationships.

Care, Share or Swear

Sarah mentioned the best kind of content makes your readers care, share or swear. In order for people to care about what your writing, share what you posted, or even get emotional about it, is to include those three Ps. Ask yourself next time if what you are posting will evoke any of these actions. Give your reader context: Why should they care? Give them a reason!

Written, Visual, Audio

According to Sarah, an attention grabbing post will include at least two of these three, and if you want to knock it out of the park, use all three! Write your personalized, participatory content that tells readers why the topic is important on a medium that can reach them wherever they are.

Include a “pin worthy” (something you’d pin on Pinterest) or Instagram-worthy photo (on average pictures get 53 percent more “likes”) that enhances, supports and gets them to “care, share or swear.”

Videos are tricky. They have to be short enough for people to feel like they can spare that time to watch it, but long enough for them receive the message you are portraying. Plus that whole making it visually appealing thing can be hard too without proper equipment and editing software.

Start practicing these “rules” and see if your analytics change. Next week, I’ll get more into using social media as a PR platform to benefit your business.

Do you feel that you aren’t making those emotional connections with your target audience? Share your thoughts and advice below!

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