Market Proof Lead Generation Strategies
on Mar 7, 2013
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Market Proof Lead Generation

The (de)Evolution of Communication

In today’s “always on” world of information and advertising, we as consumers appreciate more than ever the personal attention and individuality of someone that goes out of their way to be extraordinary and exceed our expectations.

A personal touch is more important than ever when connecting, communicating and interacting with our clients, referral partners and sphere.

This isn’t to say that technology and sales systems will not help you to grow your business, because they absolutely can.  These tools can also be detrimental to your business if used improperly.

With great power comes great responsibility

As it becomes easier to follow, like, poke, add, and subscribe to the conversations of our spheres, the de-evolution of communication blows wide open the opportunity to make meaningful, personal connections with people we care about, and/or want to do business with.

Market proof lead generation

Personalize.  I’m not talking about a personalized message. Take your online relationships offline.  One of the most effective and rewarding lead generation (and friend building) strategies for me over the past 5 years has been to leverage online social channels to begin and build relationships with people that share my values and vision, with the goal of making the relationship personal.

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There’s nothing better than that first big ole hug from a longtime online friend.  Try it, you’ll like it!

Give.  There are very few things that one cannot research, learn and gain expertise online, for free, at our own pace on our own time.  What can you contribute to this world that cannot be found for free online?  Discover the answer to this question, then give it away selflessly.

Think on this one, the answer is not as obvious as you might think.

Empathize.  Your ability to walk a mile in the shoes of those you wish to connect with is one of the most powerful, market proof business building strategies you will ever learn.  Major brands spend millions of dollars a year to identify and exploit the hot buttons of consumers.

You don’t need big league budgets to pull this off, you simply need empathy.  How would you treat you?

Amplify.  Great businesses are only as successful and your clients say you are.  While technology is an amazing tool for reaching more people, many businesses treat this tool as a fire hose for flooding the inter web with “look at me” messages that do little more than annoy those that are unfortunate enough to fall victim to this completely irrelevant and annoying message.

Your ability to convert clients into advocates and evangelists for your cause is how you amplify and market proof your message.

Be Outstanding.  Take this term literally.  Out-standing.  The ability to stand out. Separate yourself from your competition and stand alone in a marketplace rife with a lack of individualism propagated by lazy and lackadaisical competitors.  Act on your passion, execute your art, embrace your interests.

If there’s one thing that the internet is amazing at, it’s the ability to amplify individualism.

You have no competition because there is only one you

Embrace your individuality.  The only way to truly separate yourself from the pack is to lose the pack mentality.  Communities like BrokerageU that have the courage to be honest with you about things like your email practices and online expectations can serve as an invaluable source of ideas and innovation, but these are not solutions to your short comings, they are experiences to learn and grow from.

Take what you learn from communities of people that you know and trust, and translate these lessons through your own individualized idea filters.  Share freely what you learn and do not be stingy with your experience and expertise.

Embrace a karmic marketing approach to growing your business and your returns will be manifold and market proof.

With a broad set of experience, the TRIBUS marketing team not only ensures that our brand promise is carried through everything we do, but they also assist our clients in their marketing efforts.
  • Once again, you are “Spot on” young man =) Can’t get enough good advice from you =)


  • Thanks buddy, your dollar is in the mail

  • Thanks, Scott, for your excellent post here. I especially like your last recommendation: “Embrace your individuality” – which is good advice indeed.

  • thank you Harrison! I appreciate your kind words :)

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