Why Do You Need a Great Company Website?
on Oct 5, 2016
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Have you ever heard the expression, “if it didn’t happen on social media, it didn’t happen”? This definitely speaks to the times that we are in now and how important a social and web presence is in today’s society. According to statista.com, “78% of U.S. Americans have a social media profile as of 2016.” The days are among us where people are spending the majority of their time online. Whether that be for social media purposes, paying bills, scheduling appointments, online dating, product research or networking, everyone’s using the internet for something. The web not only helps with the ease of people’s everyday lively-hood, it also connects them to other people, places and businesses as well as ideas and interests. So why is it important to have a great company website?

Essentially, you need a great website to connect you to your customers and let them know that you exist.

Unless you have a one of a kind unique product that no one else in the world has, consumers have options. If they don’t know that you have the best interior designs in your town, or that you are the best agent to sell their home, they will go to the next person who claims to be the best and have the best. Having a great company website not only helps you promote your business, but it also helps consumers understand who you are, what you do and why they should choose you over the other guy. Therefore, not only is it enough to have a website, you probably want to make sure it looks pretty fantastic also. This will help you with facilitating your product or service as the “go-to” for the needs of your consumers.

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There’s another expression that you may also be familiar with: “having no credit, is just as bad, (if not worse) than having poor credit”. The same can probably be said about a company’s website or web presence. Not having a website in today’s society would probably be the equivalent (if not worse) as having a bad website. To be honest, I’m not sure which is worse. Think about the times you wanted more information about an awesome product, a promising company’s services or a heard about a great restaurant in your neighborhood, only to find that they have a horrible website or worse, no website at all. It’s a huge let down.

A well-versed company website is what connects you to your customer.

It lets your target audience know that you exist and educates them about the services or products that you provide. Your website design and layout can also set the tone and communicate to the proper audience that your products cater to; thus helping you weed out those that really aren’t your target consumer.

Studies show that about “83% of consumers visit a company or service provider’s website before they actually make a purchase”. Think about how many people’s lives you could be changing and how many needs you could be servicing just by having an amazing website; and you haven’t even done any marketing or begging and pleading yet.

Make sure you’re reaching consumers by investing in a really great company website. We may even be able to help you with that!

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Erin fell in love with marketing after a marketing internship she took on a whim, after undergrad. She took that passion for marketing and used it to obtain an MBA in the field. She feels fortunate that TRIBUS has given her the opportunity to explore her interest and creativity, not long after she had received her degree. Erin has learned so much during her time at TRIBUS as she has watched certain marketing and branding projects come to life. She's excited to watch the continued growth of the new TRIBUS brand.
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