Should You Add Direct Mail to Your Real Estate Business?
on Jul 10, 2014
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When was the last time you opened a handwritten letter? It’s been a while, right? Due to the ease of email and ability to quickly connect on social channels, direct mail (on a personal or professional level) has decreased so much in recent years that opening a real letter has taken on a nostalgic association.

There’s something heartwarming about the feeling when you get home from work and are sifting through the mail from credit card companies who are trying to get you to apply for their card, coupon books, bills that need your attention, (the list goes on and on), and then there at the bottom of the pile is something addressed to you by hand. It’s so rare that your mind starts to race to figure out who sent it and what could be inside.

Guess what, your leads and clients feel the exact same way when they get to open personalized letters! The best part is that handwritten mail has an open rate of nearly 100 percent, which would be extremely hard to obtain with even the most thought-out email campaigns.

Don’t you wish that a company existed to process personalized mail for your business?

Enter MailLift

“Each letter is written by a real person here in the US. Set a template, select recipients and customize any other details to make your handwritten letter stand out.”

But how can you be sure that the mail being sent is of the highest quality?

“Fact: Brian Curliss, our CEO, requires each handwritten letter and handwritten envelope to be photographed, then verified by at least three sets of eyes before it goes to the USPS.”

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And this is according to MailLift‘s website.

If you take a step back and look at your business plan, it will be simple to pick out a few key milestones that are worthy of direct mail instead of the email alternative.

For example, maybe you have your buyer email drip campaigns on lockdown, but at what point does that potential buyer become a ‘hot’ lead? In my opinion it’s when they save their first property or home search. It also might be when they sign up for their first set of listing alert emails. That’s a great time to send a card outlining what a time (and sanity) saver it could be for you to take the burden of the search for the perfect home off of their shoulders.

When a seller’s home closes, I’m sure you buy them a gift, but how about adding a handwritten card that subtly reminds them to send referral business your way?

So where’s the statistics that show this actually works?

“As of today, a couple weeks after shipping and checking with (A current client’s staff) more than a few times, six of the 12 companies that would otherwise have been written off have responded to the letters and set up meetings… (24x the direct mail average according the Direct Marketing Association)”

For just a few dollars per send, why not?

Okay, so we all get excited about the idea of shiny new conversion strategies, but how in the world are you going to be able to remember to order cards at exactly the right key moments? My own list of daily reminders drives me so close to the edge on a day to day basis that I cannot possibly try to remember even one more thing.

With MailLift, you don’t have to! Simply work in an email request to the MailLift team as an automation you setup within your Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system and they will trigger the order for you in a snap. IT’S AUTOMATIC. And, they will make sure that your order processes to a local mail delivery center so that when it’s postmarked it is coming from your address!

We would never recommend a product that we didn’t firmly believe in. After speaking with the MailLift team and taking a look at a handful of real life samples, we are pretty stoked about this Bay Area company. Contact them today to get your own set of samples.

Do you currently use another company for direct mail business services? If so, we’re eager to hear your take on their offerings and pricing!

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Her background in the industry and her training in psychology have paved the way for her current user experience focused role, where she leads the product team at TRIBUS.
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