Leveraging Pinterest for REALTORS
on Jul 17, 2014
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According to the National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers: “88 percent of people say they will definitely or probably use the same REALTOR® again, but only 6 to 11 percent of people actually do. When polled the number one reason they didn’t – they forgot who their Realtor was.”


Social media is a great way to let other professionals, potential clients and friends know what you’re up to, but Pinterest is a tricky one.

Before I start: If you do not like, enjoy, understand or care about Pinterest this in no way will benefit you. This should be a relaxing, fun part of your business not a headache that you have to deal with.

Pinterest for REALTORS

I’ve learned Pinterest is the best way to keep in touch after a transaction has ended and for visually inspiring potential clients. Tell them that you regularly post on Pinterest with design, renovation, and great DIY tips for the home on your account. They’ll see your bright, intriguing page and follow.

Quick tip: Make sure to download the ‘Pin It’ icon from Pinterest, so if you stumble upon a great website you can directly pin the image to your board and make sure you have the “Pin It” button on your website so other people can pin your listings as well.

Already an active Pinterest user?

When meeting a buyer for the first time ask them if they have a Pinterest account. If they do, odds are they have a ‘dream home’ board.

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Ask to look over it with them so you get an understanding of the style and design they love. You’ll earn major brownie points for this.

How to Use Pinterest for REALTORS Efficiently

Now the trick here is to really beef up your page with amazing stuff: Home maintenance tips people forget about, cool dog houses, cheap play room ideas, backyard fun, things to do in (insert your local area!) and so on. And from here, you should sprinkle in photos of your current listings. And I mean lightly sprinkle!

Take the awesome pictures you have from the new house you have for sale, pick less than a handful and pin them with captions like, “love the countertops in this kitchen” or “that lighting fixture in the dining room is to die for.”

Home buying is a very visual process, so making sure your pictures are crisp, clear and colorful are key. When clicked on, the pictures automatically link back to your site and if you have a business account on Pinterest, which we highly recommend, you can track all of the analytics!

When done correctly this is a great way to have recurring clients and recruit new ones. Like with all social media, be conscious of what you’re featuring on your page. The type of business that will come out of it will be organic, nothing you can force so have fun with it!

Here’s a list of the top 100 real estate pros on Pinterest go through and take notes. What stands out to you, what works and what doesn’t. Once you have a game plan start creating boards and pinning! For now, follow us and we’ll follow you!!

What are some things you struggle with on Pinterest?

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