Birth of a Brokerage : West LA
on Sep 21, 2009
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As we open each of our affiliates we plan on giving everyone a recap of lessons learned, technologies instituted, etc.

Over the past 2 months, Tribus representatives have been working hard to kickstart our 2 newest affiliates, one in Dallas, TX and one covering Los Angeles’ Westside with communities like Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Malibu. (We’ll have another post on our new Dallas affiliate coming soon.)

After meeting with the representatives of Partners’ Trust it was clear that they were willing to subscribe 100% to the changing business of real estate.  They were ready to embrace social media, they realized that profitability was something that needed to be considered, they understood their market, they were a great candidate for working with our company.

One of the important aspects of their company is that each associate is a partner in the firm.  This means that the infighting, waste, etc that occur in other real estate companies are mitigated.

Partners Trust immediately integrated each of our tools including our accounting system, GPS enabled mobile application, contact management, IDX, website and more.

On September 1st we launched the website.  We worked together with an outside design firm to build an integrated strategy.  When complete there will be more than 30 websites covering hyperlocal areas in the West LA market.  Each website pulls in our IDX to allow local searches.  For example, when visiting one of the local sites you’ll find links to specific areas such as Brentwood Real Estate Search. And Even as specific as a community within Brentwood such as the Mandeville Canyon Real Estate Search.

One of the big questions we’ve been asked recently is about the design of the Partners Trust site.

Here’s the thought process behind the design that we worked together with their ownership team about:

  1. They wanted a separate site to focus on assisting buyers – thus was created that answers the three questions that every buyer cares about when visiting a real estate brokerage website a) What homes are for sale b)What’s my home worth? c) How’s the real estate market?
  2. They wanted the main site to showcase 3 of their listings right on the main page and above the fold (the portion of the website that can be seen without scrolling)
  3. They wanted to focus on their concierge service that offers unparalleled service

At Tribus we wanted to utilize some other resources on the site so we suggested the addition of web videos about each of the 8 main areas the company sells.  We also wanted to bring in the blog posts the company wrote so that anyone visiting the site could easily see new information.   We also wanted to make it easy for individuals visiting the site that might be ready to make a purchase to be able to find a home search as well as users could find market statistics.  In just 10 days we had already procured 2 quality leads for the company through our many channels.

As the website matures over the coming months, we’ll keep you updated as to how things are going.

With more than 17 years experience in the real estate industry, including being a Realtor and Broker / Owner, Stegemann brings a wealth of knowledge to this job as CEO of TRIBUS. He focuses his time on helping brokers enhance and expand their business and working with the TRIBUS labs team to consider what's next in real estate.
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