Email marketing is an important part of client communication and it provides an easy, yet effective way to increase awareness of you, your listings and other announcements. There are different types of emails depending on your needs and the manner in which you prefer to communicate with your clients. In addition to Drip and Blast emails, open / click tracking, and other important features, there are other useful email capabilities that can help you effectively reach your clients and increase awareness and leads.

You can email clients and leads individually inside the system so you can be sure the message will be received and not sent directly to a user’s junk email. This also allows all messages sent to be stored in the same place so they can be easily retrieved. You can also send properties to clients and register them for automatic saved search alerts which helps them be smarter and more efficient with their searches. There are many additional automated emails that can be set up to deploy based on a lead’s recent IDX search activity. And because these are all pre-set with impressive default messages, they can all be easily customized if needed.

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