10 Daily Steps to Becoming Incredible in Real Estate
on Aug 7, 2012
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So you want to be an incredible real estate agent?  You can!

A “credible” agent knows the market. An “incredible” agent not only knows the market better than their competition, they share that knowledge with every prospect, every day.

It all starts when you wake up every morning and commit to being “credible”.  Here are 10 steps to kick your real estate business in gear today.

  1. Research Stats: Did I research my local stats today…who did I call to share the news?
  2. Research Best Buys: Did I find the best buys on the market today…how many people did I call?
  3. Preview: Did I preview today…who will I share the best listings with? 
  4. Open Houses: Did I schedule my open houses for this week…how will I maximize the effort to reach prospects?
  5. Call Old Leads: Did I call back old leads today…did I set appointments?
  6. Door Knock: Did I knock doors in my farm today…how many?
  7. Expired Listings: Did I knock on expired listings today…how many?
  8. FSBO’s: Did I knock on FSBO’S today…how many?
  9. Promote: Did I promote one of my broker’s listings on CraigsList today?
  10. Past Clients: Did I call my past clients today…how many?

Are you truly the local market expert? Or just another real estate agent trying to make a buck?  Following these 10 steps every day and asking the 10 questions will propel you on your way to being that “incredible” agent people talk about.






With more than 17 years experience in the real estate industry, including being a Realtor and Broker / Owner, Stegemann brings a wealth of knowledge to this job as CEO of TRIBUS. He focuses his time on helping brokers enhance and expand their business and working with the TRIBUS labs team to consider what's next in real estate.
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