How Alternative Meditation Can Make You A Better Real Estate Agent
on Jul 7, 2014
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meditation for successAt the very mention of the word “meditation,” one may instantly recall visions of gurus seated in a cross-legged lotus position, with their eyes closed and a beatific expression emanating from their facial features. You may hear chanting or the soothing, low baritone of the “Om.”

In the eyes of many busy professionals, as peaceful as these visions may be, they are simply unfeasible in their own daily lives. Being a successful real estate agent means that you are constantly moving: making deals, setting meetings, viewing properties, writing contracts, advising clients and the myriad of other activities you manage to fit into your day. Amid all of this activity, finding time, even if it’s five to 10 minutes, to just sit, do nothing and let go can seem like somewhat of a long shot.

The very reasons that make meditation so difficult to fit into the day are also the very ones that make it so important. Meditation allows you to compartmentalize all of the little parts of your day and deal with each problem and situation individually with an appropriate amount of energy and focus.

Technology allows us to be fully accessible all of the time. As a real estate agent, you can find yourself at the beck and call of clients, fellow agents you are working with, mortgage brokers and plenty more involved in real estate transactions. One important thing to remember is that these parties shouldn’t be managing you, that’s your job.

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Self-management is a strong tenet of meditation as it allows you to take stock in yourself, identify where you need improvement and gives you the strength to take action where needed. Not only can it help to manage your business, but it can help to make you a more mindful person in your life as a whole.

Alternative Forms of Meditation for Real Estate Agents

As stated previously, finding the time to sit and do nothing seems unfeasible for people who are used to being on the go. According to Paul B. Farrell, author of “The Millionaire Code: 16 Paths to Wealthbuilding,” sitting meditation only works for about 20 percent of those who choose to meditate.

What Farrell found in his studies of the highly successful is that meditation became a part of activities that Americans already love doing. Tens of millions of people across the country take part in activities such as running, hiking, fishing, golfing, cycling and tennis, and many find a certain empowerment in turning off all else in favor of these activities.

“The rhythm of running is a strong element,” said Martha Clopfer in William Glasser’s “Positive Meditations.” “Sometimes problems get solved while I am running or I think of things to say to people but it is not a figuring out process. More of a sudden flash of insight that comes when you are least trying to find an answer.”

So how do you find your own system for meditation? Farrell points to four simple rules that can help any real estate professional to let go.

First, focus on what you are doing in the moment, and nothing else. Second, remember that you can turn anything into a meditative activity. Third, be your own guru. You know yourself and what will work best for you, trust that knowledge. And fourth, keep it simple. Knowing that anyone can meditate is a simple, easy and natural reassurance that whatever method your choose for yourself is indeed the right one.

How do you escape the stress of daily life? Let us know below!

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