Getting Readers to Your Real Estate Blog
on Apr 28, 2014
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Real Estate Marketing BlogginOne of the biggest challenges for bloggers is getting readership. The wonderful world of the internet is so saturated with content at every turn that blog pieces can easily turn into tiny little mental snacks.

In order to turn these snacks into hearty, rewarding meals that will keep your readers coming back for seconds, it is important to understand blog writing as a unique skill unto itself. A good way to think about it is like blending a recipe with a popular magazine article. The recipe part gives important advice, never over-looking anything, while the popular magazine part keeps readers entertained and wanting to read more.

Here are a few things to include in your blog posts that will entice readers to keep coming back to your real estate blog:


Great titles create great traffic. Spend some time thinking about your audience and what they really want to read about as it pertains to your business. Some bloggers go so far as to think of the headline before even researching the topic and working from there.


Pictures can appeal to parts of the brain that words can’t. Not only can pictures entice readers to an article, but when staggered throughout they can entice readers to continue reading and “buy” you a few more minutes of their time.

Short Paragraphs

Something that can really put off readers is a giant wall of text. Keep paragraphs short and easy to digest for the reader.


David Letterman was really on to something when he began his Top 10 so many years ago. List posts are extremely popular because they make a specific type of promise to the reader: to deliver information and affirm the claim of the headline. Not only will list posts grab readers’ attention, they will demonstrate a mastery of your area of expertise.


Offer up a bonus to the article. Use links to keep readers clicking through your site or to referenced articles that support the stated argument. This allows you to keep your own copy short and to the point.

Here at Tribus, we love to get people reading our clients’ blogs. For more information on working with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

With a broad set of experience, the TRIBUS marketing team not only ensures that our brand promise is carried through everything we do, but they also assist our clients in their marketing efforts.
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