Going the Extra Mile for Home Buyers
on Jul 11, 2014
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great real estate agentsChoosing a real estate agent is easily one of the most influential decisions on anyone’s financial situation. A real estate agent isn’t just someone helping to aid a sale, but it’s someone who is deeply trusted by home buyers. Being a successful agent is about more than just selling the most expensive homes, it’s about being able to connect to your clients before, during and after a home sale. Here are a few tips and suggestions to ensure you’re making a positive impact on your clients’ lives:

Listen, and really listen

Home buyers are stressed out, and can you blame them? After the economic meltdown that was the Great Recession, home buyers are treading lightly and taking extra precautions to ensure their investment is well worth it and secure. While, of course, you want to show them a home that is swoon-worthy, and likely slightly above their price range, it’s important not to over do it.

When determining what home buyers want, really listen to their pros and cons, wishlist items and must-not-haves. Showing home buyers a couple homes that simply didn’t fit into what they want and can afford can make them overthink their decision to choose you as their real estate agent.

Be realistic

Of course home buyers want as much as they can get for as little of a price as possible, but it’s important to be upfront with them at the start of the buying process. Knowing what to expect from the get-go can help to relieve any heartbreak down the road.

Be human

Sure, you don’t have to become best friends with every home buyer you work with, but showing your more personal side can really shape a strong relationship with others. If you specialize in a specific area and you are assisting a new home buyer who is unfamiliar with that area, show them around a bit. Recommend a few of your favorite restaurants or coffee shops, take them on a walking tour or introduce them to a few community events. Making them feel like they are home in a new town is an unmeasurable step in the home purchasing process.

Send notes post sale

Real estate agents rarely keep in touch with home buyers, and thats an incredible disservice to both the buyer and the agent themselves. Sending out emails, like a drip campaign, ensures that you are staying top of mind. This can lead to referrals from that home buyer, and they are much more likely to choose you as their real estate agent in the future. These notes can be short and sweet and offer home buyers advice on upkeep, getting to know the community and more.

How do you go the extra mile to show your clients that you care? Share your insight below!

Launch Coordinator & Director of Client Care

Casey gained his first experience in residential real estate on the financing side of things. He was a top-producing nationwide mortgage consultant for five years, before being promoted into sales and operations management. Later, a new opportunity in Washington, DC took him in a slightly different direction, toward commercial real estate and property research. Casey particularly enjoyed the marketing and support aspects of his role in DC, which eventually led him to TRIBUS, where he and his team are responsible for new client launches and making sure existing clients continue to be our biggest fans.
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