Play up the Summer Season to Sell your Home
on Jun 11, 2014
Listed in Real Estate

summer houseA recent study that is slated to appear in the Journal of Real Estate Research later this year found that staging a home really isn’t as important as many home sellers think it is. However, there are some definite positives to using the season to your advantage. As we are heading into the summer months, home sellers and real estate agents shouldn’t overlook the power of a fresh bed of flowers, warm summer breeze and toasty sun. Here are few ways to bank on these cheerful months:

Bright and Airy

When you’re holding an open house, utilize the natural light and breezy windows if it’s not too hot. While you may want to keep the air on to ensure that the home doesn’t get too hot as well, showcasing that the windows let in tons of light and air is a great plus for many home buyers. If you aren’t sure about having direct sunlight come into the home, opt for inexpensive sheer window coverings that will let in enough light but keep just a bit out.

Plants and Flowers

Make sure that there are either well-kept plants in the ground or potted flowers around the entrance of the home. Just be careful of the species of plants or flowers to make sure that you aren’t attracting too many bees or flies. Incorporate bright hues of orange, red, purple and pink along with native grasses and plants that will make potential home buyers see the beautiful potential of the outdoors. However, if the home is a bright hue, make sure to keep the color variety to a minimum so it’s not overwhelming.

Outdoor Space

If there is a patio, porch or other outdoor living space, don’t forget to set this area up as well. During the summer, many home buyers are interested in finding a place that has great space for entertaining, spending time with family and relaxing outdoors. Clean off the porch area with a power washer or just a hose and some gentle soap. Wipe down all tables and chairs as well. Incorporate some potted plants, like herbs or veggies, as well so home buyers can see the potential for growing a garden.

Clear the backyard of any clutter as you would the interior of the home, which means picking up toys, gardening tools and anything else. If your home’s shining feature is the yard, play up this space by setting up a game, like bean bag toss, to show that the yard is a great place for outdoor barbecues.

Bright Hues

On the interior, play up any bright colors and ditch dark, drab colors like deep reds and browns. Tossing a few vibrant throw pillows or blanks on the living room furniture is a simple and inexpensive way to brighten up the space. You can also have some indoor plants or flowers that help to bring the outdoors inside.

Do you have any tips for home sellers to incorporate the season into their showings? Share your thoughts below!

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