Easily Collect Leads From Open Houses
on Mar 21, 2013
Listed in Real Estate

Why we love the Open Home Pro app

Our team recently reviewed an app that will assist you to store lead information from your open houses: Open Home Pro.

It’s compatible with your iPad / iPhone, and your saved prospects can be quickly exported into a CSV file and uploaded directly into your TRIBUS CRM system for further contact.

Hear what the Open Home Pro team has to say about their app.

With our iPad App you can leave the pen and paper at home and super charge your next open house.

Open Home Pro lets you rest easy knowing you’ll never have to question a person’s handwriting again. You’ll know clearly if they do not have an agent representing them or if they are pre-approved for a mortgage.

Once the person has answered the questions you want you have the ability to write down notes about each person and their needs as you walk around the property.

Open Home Pro

via Open Home Pro – Collect leads using your iPad and creating the best listing pages for real estate agents

With just a click you can view Open Home Pro in the app store.

Once downloaded, here’s a quick overview of how to utilize it:

  • Download the app for your iPad or iPhone. NOTE: Agents we’ve heard from generally prefer the iPad version above the app designed for the iPhone
  • Input your photos, a brief listing description, and open house details
  • Choose which questions you want to ask
  • Have your open house attendees input their info as they walk in
  • Feel free to add notes to each new contact as you speak with them
  • Open Home Pro will automatically store contact info and send a follow up email directly to the potential client. This email will include: the property details, listing photos, local map, and your contact info
  • For best results, export your new leads and input them into your TRIBUS CRM system so that they begin to receive your automated drip email campaigns for buyers
  • Convert that lead into a sale!

This app is just another way to make gathering and storing contact info easier on you!

VP Product

Real estate is in Katie’s blood. She's a second generation REALTOR and comes to TRIBUS after working for a prominent custom home builder in metro Atlanta, GA. While selling homes she realized she had a passion for helping agents establish a meaningful web presence and a build CRM that worked. Since then she's become a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and graduated from a UX program, all while staying grounded in real estate technology.
Her background in the industry and her training in psychology have paved the way for her current user experience focused role, where she leads the product team at TRIBUS.
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