The Importance of Consistent Branding Across Our Organization
on Sep 6, 2016
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Through the process of re-branding TRIBUS, it was our goal as the marketing team to continue building awareness of our brand and our products as the industry’s premier technology provider for real estate brokerages. In any marketing 101 course, you will learn very quickly that in order to build awareness of your brand in the marketplace, there must be consistency. Brand consistency includes your logo, the colors used in your collateral materials, font styles, the use of your brand in ads and commercials, as well as the characteristics or tone of your brand.

Keeping consistency throughout all of these mediums makes it easier for us to do our job as marketers: which is simply, making you aware of our amazing products and providing an approachable platform for you to facilitate the core functionalities of your business.

At my last employer, we were also going through a re-branding process. Not only had we done a major multimillion-dollar renovation of our facility, but we also created new branding collateral, new interior design and all our staff even had new attitudes to match. I remember the one thing that helped us to understand and remember what this new brand looked like, felt like and even its persona, was the customer profile that we created.

We formed the personality, likeness, social status, occupation and characteristics of what we felt was our ideal customer. We even named him Michael. Michael felt very real to all of us and he became the driving muse behind every single decision made after the re-branding phase. “How would Michael feel about this?”  “Would Michael like these drinking glasses?” “Would Michael attend this event?” Everyone knew that it was all about Michael. And although it became monotonous at times, it helped us to stay connected with our new identity and our brand. The look and feel of our new brand was consistent and resonated really well with our customers. We are committed to doing the same at TRIBUS. Which is continuing to create a brand that transcends the needs of our customers with superior consistency of our premier products.

As both a marketer and a consumer, I understand the importance of familiarity when it comes to making important choices as a consumer. Research shows that purchasing habits are usually almost always more of an emotional decision than a practical one.

Let’s take Coke, Pepsi and generic colas for instance. There are people who will only drink Pepsi, and there are those who wouldn’t dare drink anything other than Coke. Coke and Pepsi both understand this. Therefore, they would likely only market and communicate to their core customer. It’s also a good assumption that most of these consumers would likely not purchase a generic cola beverage, even if it is cheaper. Although consumers would contribute their buying behaviors to their preference of taste, more than likely they have chosen their beverage of preference because of their familiarity and trust in the brand. And that has a lot to do with consistency.

Our marketing team wanted to provide this same experience not only for you, our consumers, but also our internal team as well.

We simply can’t sell our products to you if we’re not 100% familiar, comfortable and trust what we stand for.

And as you have learned by now, that comes with consistency of the brand; inside and out!

Marketing Coordinator

Erin fell in love with marketing after a marketing internship she took on a whim, after undergrad. She took that passion for marketing and used it to obtain an MBA in the field. She feels fortunate that TRIBUS has given her the opportunity to explore her interest and creativity, not long after she had received her degree. Erin has learned so much during her time at TRIBUS as she has watched certain marketing and branding projects come to life. She's excited to watch the continued growth of the new TRIBUS brand.
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