Real Estate Website Sales Funnel Step 4: Lead Conversion

Real Estate Website Sales Funnel - Lead ConversionThe way we think about lead conversion on our website is not as cut and dry as other marketing and advertising mediums may be.

If you have experience with telemarketing, direct mail or any other form of print advertising then you are used to single digit responses to broadcast marketing campaigns.

One of the greatest advantages of marketing online is your ability to build lists of readers that trust your experience and expertise enough to volunteer their contact information and give you permission to “keep in touch”.

Lead Conversion is about taking advantage of the immediate opportunities as well as having a nurturing system for staying in touch with prospects that are not quite as serious.

I use multiple Calls to Action that feed into the same email marketing campaign that I send to all visitors of my site that give me permission to email them.

Pro Tip: Use MailChimp RSS to Email (Powered by MailChimp) for set it and forget it automation

Using MailChimp to Manage Site Updates

Setting up an RSS to email campaign with MailChimp offers automation and accountability.

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This is not a tutorial for setting up an RSS to email campaign in MailChimp (good idea though – coming soon!), this is more about setting up Lead Conversion systems.  I ask for permission to add to my email list after 45 seconds of being on my site.  This goes directly into MailChimp and does not even go into my CRM.

MailChimp RSS to Email CTAA large percentage of leads generated from your website are not ready to do business with you right now, and maybe will never do business with you, and that’s ok. I just started using this Call to Action 90 days ago and so far it is converting .267% of gross traffic.  I will probably change the messaging and try it again for the next 90 days.

Simple RSS Strategy
The default RSS feed from your WordPress site is  This RSS feed will push all new content created on your site to the email campaign.  The campaign I use for my site is this simple RSS feed.

Advanced RSS Strategy
WordPress allows you to pull an RSS feed from specific categories in a similar manner as the main feed except for this modification: name/feed/.  By sending this targeted content to a select list, creative marketers will see the unlimited potential for building a strong hyper local strategy here.

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Not all leads are created equal.  By nurturing website visitors that are currently only interested in information, my experience is that you stand a strong chance of having a shot at this business somewhere down the road as long as you deliver consistent and valuable content.  Consistent and valuable content is the key here.

Using the illustration from Real Estate Website Sales Funnel Step 3:  Earning Trust, let me describe my lead conversion strategy.


IDX Calls to Action – High Commitment CTAs
The calls to action in and around your real estate website’s IDX should simple to find and intuitive about how to use.  TriPress customers will recognize these calls to action.

Down Payment Assistance Finder – upper right sidebar
Down payment assistance finder is a simple form that asks for name, email, areas of interest and comments.  There is a phone field that is not required but which is filled out most of the time.  These leads are mostly first time home buyers or home buyers with down payment or closing costs challenges.

Being the one that can deliver buyer assistance to this buyer makes you a hero and top of mind for referrals.  Until then, you may find that these are slow turning prospects that may take as long as months to years before they’re ready to buy.

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$3,000 Home Buyer Credit
This is a closing cost credit that we as the lender in the transaction contribute at the close of escrow if qualifying criteria is met.  I’m thinking of changing this Call to Action, it’s not really performing the way I want it to.

Home Loan Apply Now
This is a quick apply loan application.  Since most of the readers of our site are first time buyers, a loan application does not always mean they are ready to buy.

Nurturing “Not Nows”

I currently send 2 email campaigns to my opt-in list, one is the RSS to email MailChimp feed of every new post.  The other is a simple email to every lead we’ve ever captured on the site.  Every week I email links to the new posts on the site, usually 2-3 new posts a week.

I can tell you from direct experience that simply sending over your latest posts consistently, you will receive calls from readers that have been receiving your emails for years!  2 to 3 year old leads are a pretty regular occurrence from our opt-in database.

Lead Conversion Best Practices

  • Keep your landing pages clear of clutter or confusing links taking readers off your page or site
  • Use off IDX calls to action – Buyer Assistance Eligibility, Pre-Approval Letters
  • Use your sidebars for selling
  • Respond immediately to High Commitment Leads
  • Create a nurturing system for “not nows” – suggest MailChimp RSS to email
I don’t believe there is one “right way” to set up these systems.  What’s most important is that you get permission from your readers to keep in touch, then you do so consistently.  Either way, this is just my personal experience intermingled with my personal opinion and observations in my own business.  Your mileage may vary.
Have questions or comments about lead conversion systems or strategies?  Let’s start a discussion below!
Branch Manager at Broadview Mortgage Long Beach, California, I am passionate about educating and empowering consumers. Feel free to call, text or email me at (562) 999-1355 or [email protected]
  • Scott, thanks for the post. Nice way to push new posts via MailChimp RSS feed.

    It’s very important to separate “not nows” from “nows” – leads that may need help straight away and call them immediately. Most people work with the first agent they talk to (but not just got email from). It’s true for real estate internet leads as well as other industries.

    We’ve seen many agents not calling internet leads quickly, leaving so much money on the table… Having a system in place makes it much easier to follow up leads quickly and consistently.

    • Tom, sorry I missed this when you commented – hopefully better late than never! It seems I have a lot of conversations about the list building and email marketing aspect of online business building. Real estate simply is not an impulse buy. Even a consumer signing up for an IDX drip, they are not reaching out to the agent, they are trying to get to the information that they came for. Having the ability to nurture that relationship and build trust is a pretty important piece to not include in an online business model.

      Thanks for your valuable input!

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