Tips for Choosing a Domain Name
on Jan 8, 2013
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choosing domain nameIf you were to do a web search for “Buy a Domain Name”, your search would return over 68 MILLION results. Why so many choices? Because each domain seller has different offerings, terms and of course, pricing. We want our Realtors to be well informed before you buy, and here’s how.

No matter who the host of your Realtor website is (although hopefully it’s Tribus!) you will more than likely still need to choose and purchase a domain name for your future website. Your domain name (or url) is the web address that allows you to pull up the website and content that you’ve created.

First, you will need to consider who you will choose to purchase your domain through. There are a multitude of providers out there who can sell you a domain. Before you choose one there are a few key items to consider:

  • Price: What is the total per month cost to you?
  • Services: If you have a web host (like our Tribus customers sure do) then you will only need your domain name provider to be a registrar for you. No hosting or extras necessary. Be careful that you don’t end up with a plan that hosting is a required fee.
  • Forwarding: Will they charge you for domain forwarding? This only matters if you own multiple domains, which you may plan to forward to your main site. Some companies are sneaky and charge for this service or place a nasty logo of theirs onto your site unless you upgrade.
  • Email: Do you plan to include email hosting? There are free services if you prefer to manage your own email (Google Apps being one of our favorites) but if you want access to support, it’s a good idea to add this to your plan.
  • Sales People: Don’t let them over sell you! No, you really don’t need 25 domains secured for the next 20 years… that really does you no good. Unless of course you do plan to have unique website content on each and every one of them- then we say go for it!

And now on to the actual domain, what does it really need to include?

  • Try to avoid extra formatting (dashes) within your domain.
  • Make the message clear and to the point. It’s best to steer clear of anything too vague or too long.
  • Your first and last name is not the ideal domain name. This gives the search engine absolutely no help when potential clients are searching the terms “Real Estate”. The goal is to make it easy for them to find you.
  • If possible, include the name of your primary area of influence and the term “Real Estate”, “Homes For Sale” or some combination of those.

One final thing to consider is that just like a fine wine, domain names only improve in status and ranking with age. Please be conscious of this when choosing a domain. Pick one that will last and remain true of your business for years to come. The longer you can own it, the better!


VP Product

Real estate is in Katie’s blood. She's a second generation REALTOR and comes to TRIBUS after working for a prominent custom home builder in metro Atlanta, GA. While selling homes she realized she had a passion for helping agents establish a meaningful web presence and a build CRM that worked. Since then she's become a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and graduated from a UX program, all while staying grounded in real estate technology.
Her background in the industry and her training in psychology have paved the way for her current user experience focused role, where she leads the product team at TRIBUS.
  • And remember not to misuse the REALTOR trademark in your url/domain name! You can use “your name Realtor” or “your company name Realtors” but not “your hometown Realtor” or “your East Side Realtor” etc. For more information on proper use of the Realtor membership marks online, go to or use this link
    — Anne Rendle, CEO, Northeast Association of Realtors, Westford, M

    • Anne
      That’s a really great point. I’ve known a few Realtors that have had that issue and had to throw away all of their hard work and start from scratch with a new domain.

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